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I'm a self-taught, fine art photographer and poet who specializes in creating beautiful floral, nature, landscape and close-up photographs that are inspired by my passion for nature and the world around me. I'm an identical twin and a new mother to twins :)

Despite the fact that I am self-taught, my work has been selected and recognized by editors of top photo-sharing sites as well as world-renowned photographers. I have been selected by editors on Tumblr as one of the top 3 “black and white” contributors, had my photography featured, selected and shared by the world-famous photographer Thomas Hawk, and have almost 30 thousand “fans” following my work on Google+.

A Little about Me . . .

I have always had a unique way of seeing the world. From the time I was a child, I was always captivated by the objects in the natural world that most people overlooked. I was spellbound by the shape of a tree, the brilliant color of a sunset, or the texture of clouds. Sometime I would just stop in my tracks and stare at the beauty of raindrops glistening on a wet winter leaf. It took me a while before I realized that this way of looking at the world was a gift—a gift that I could and should share with others.

Before I devoted myself full-time to photography, I spent many years in marketing and graphic design. However, my fascination, not just with images, but also by words, inspired me to get PhD and ultimately work for 7+ years as a Professor of Literature at a major university in California.

However, after becoming a mother, I was able to see that all great photographs tell a story, and in this sense that photography was a perfect way to merge my passions for art/ design and my passion for literature. My fascination with the interplay of image and word can be seen throughout the body of my work. Sometimes, I will write poetry specifically inspired by a photograph and other times I am composing a photograph that I will take in the future based upon a poem I’m writing in the present. In this sense, I practice what I call poetography.

In terms of the subjects of my photography, I find beauty in the natural world as close as the flowers and birds in my own garden and as far as the ancient wonders, castles, and buildings in remote locations like Greece, Rome, and Paris. Indeed, as an avid hiker and nature lover, some of my favorite places to shoot are the national parks all over this country—everything from plunging waterfalls to limpid lakes.

My recent journey into motherhood has meant that my photographic vision has been refocused on people, particularly little people and the unique way they see the world. Many of my photographs delight in highlighting the natural spirit of play and wonder of children.

While some photographers are content to shoot only in black n’ white and others shoot only in color, I am quite comfortable shooting in both. I love the high drama that a monochrome scheme can bring to a photograph; especially the way light and texture are rendered so majestically in black and white. But I am equally drawn to the power, mood, and emotional impact of color in my shots.

Ultimately, it is my hope that you are able to find something in my photography that touches or moves you in some way. Nothing fills me with more pleasure than finding others who see the world the way I do and/or sharing my vision of the world with you.

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